Memories and anecdotes of the Island of Elba

Napoleonic evening in Marciana Marina, Friday 6 August at 9:45 pm Gianfranco Vanagolli presents the book by André Pons: Memories and anecdotes of the Island of Elba

The cultural review “Napoleonic Echoes in Marciana Marina” continues, as part of the events of the Marinese Summer 2021 organized by the Municipality and the Pro Loco of Marciana Marina.

Friday 6 August, at 9.45 pm, at the new headquarters of the Pro Loco in Piazzale Bernotti (under the Tower, next to the Fenicia beach) Gianfranco Vanagolli, with the participation of Patrizia Lupi, President of the Pro Loco and Leonardo Preziosi, President of Italia Nostra Arcipelago Toscano, he will present the book by André Pons Souvenirs et anecdotes de l’Ile d’Elbe.

Released in Paris in 1897, it saw its first Italian edition in 2014, edited by Gianfranco Vanagolli, for the types of the Publishing House Le Opere ei Giorni di Roma, and the second, in this 2021 thanks to the commitment of Italia Nostra Tuscan Archipelago, with the Vittoria Iguazu Editora of Livorno.

The Ponsian Memories represent the most exhaustive and articulated account of the ten months of the island as an independent state and the intense activity of its sovereign, at the center of a small court composed of Madame Mère, her sister Paolina, the generals Bertrand, Drouot and Cambronne, as well as a crowd of dignitaries, all committed to perpetuating if not the pomp, at least the decorum of the Parisian palaces. It will be remembered, moreover, that the great Corsican kept the title of emperor here, of which he will instead be deprived in S. Elena.

The author of the work was, at Elba, administrator of the iron mines, which is the most important local economic resource. In this capacity he did not occasionally frequent the sovereign, whom he distrusted before becoming a loyal collaborator and following him to France for the Hundred Days, during which he was prefect of the Rhone department.

the event will take place outdoors with free admission.