Marciana Marina 9° S&S Swan Rendez-vous

Everything is ready at the Circolo della Vela Marciana Marina for the 9th S & amp; S Swan Rendez-vous, the event that takes place every two years reserved for the legendary Finnish sea “swans” designed by the American studio Sparkman & amp; Stephens. This will be the fifth time at Marciana Marina after the editions of the years 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015.
From tomorrow until Sunday 27 June 2021 The docks of the Marinese sailing association will host the 23 boats registered with their crews – from Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland – to give life to a series of regattas along the coasts of the Elba island .

On the day of tomorrow, June 23, we will proceed with the completion of the registrations and the gifts provided by the CVMM and the sponsors and those offered by Nautor’s Swan, the vests of the prestigious Sease brand will be distributed to the shipowners .

In the following days from 24 to 26 June, three regattas will be disputed on coastal courses with the first cannon shot scheduled for 12.00 on Thursday 23 June. On Saturday 26 June at the end of the regatta, the award ceremony for the winners will take place (in compliance of the Covid protocol established by the Italian Sailing Federation). On Sunday 27th, the participants will leave the island for their ports of armament, a sort of “bye-bye day” and see you at the next edition in 2023.
To direct the operations at sea as president of the Committee Regatta will be the Rosignano judge Andrea Bimbi.

As in past editions, in addition to the institutional prizes for the best in class (boats up to 44 ‘feet, Toremar class fleet and over 44 feet in length, Moby class fleet) and Overall, many special prizes will also be awarded.

The winner of the ovearall ranking will win the prestigious Rod & Olin Stephens Royal Thames Yacht Club Trophy, a challenge in memory of John Bailey, presented by Helen Bailey, as well as the Club Swan Award offered by Nautor’s Swan and, as always, the Zeppelin Trophy Most Elegant trophy will be awarded. and Best Maintained Swan, challenge trophy offered by Jonathan Todhunter. In addition, the competitors will receive numerous prestigious prizes offered by the sponsors: a Carboway carbon gangway, 2 Garmin Inreach satellite communicators, Ronstan Sailing equipment, 1 Black Seacock by Blakes & Taylors, set by Acqua dell’Elba; Rigoni di Asiago will deliver its products to each participating team in a recycled sail fabric bag customized with the S&S Swan Association logo as well as Siit Pharmaceutical will provide all sailors with its MGK VIS supplements.

The event takes place under the patronage of the Municipality of MM and thanks to the support of Acqua dell’Elba, Blakes & Taylors, Carboway, Moby / Toremar, Garmin, Nautor’s Swan, Rigoni di Asiago, Ronstan / Andersen, Sease, Siit Pharmaceuticals / MGK VIS, James Robinson Taylor (official photographer).

S&S Swan Rendez-vous 2013

In the archive photo of JAmes Robinson Taylor the CVMM quay on the occasion of the S & amp; S Swan Rendez-vous demonstration.

Entry list 9th S&S SWAN RENDEZ-VOUS

36/007 Josian, Eugenio Alphandery, Italia
37/031 Tikka III, Luca Alessandrelli e Carlo Saitto, Italia
38/013 Ann, Giorgio Setti, Italia
38/017 Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato, Italia
41/022 Soeur Anne, Philippe Vidal, Francia
43/047 Kokkola, Vittorio Ghizzoni e figlie, Italia
44/014 Four Winds, Leonardo Servi, Italia
44/025 Blue Ithaca, Camillo Manfredini, Italia
44/047 Solano, César Chuffart, Belgio
44/058 Deneb, Antonio Puntello, Italia
44/066 Un Amour de Swan, Giandomenico Iannetti, Italia
47/002 Hypatia, Giulio e Ariane Bergamaschi, Francia
47/016 Grampus II, Matteo d’Agostino, Italia
47/019 Walidada II, Jonathan Todhunter, Gran Bretagna
47/039 Outrageous, Fabrizio Saveriano, Italia
47/041 Tortuga, Filippo e Alina Masci, Italia
47/056 Black Tie, Massimo Crovetto e figli, Italia
47/059 Rumtrader, Ludovic de Meeûs d’Argenteuil, Belgio
47/069 Vanessa, Matteo e Giulia Salamon, Italia
48/015 Rendezvous, Jose’ Aguinaga, from Spain
65/005 Saida, Benno Schneider e Jürg Schneider, Svizzera
65/007 Alpha Centauri, Matthias ed Edith Maus, Germania
65/039 Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato, Italia