Elba Swim 647

Elba Swim 647, sponsored by the Municipality of Marciana Marina , is a 6.47 NM swim, from the Spiaggia delle Ghiaie with passage to Capo Enfola and arrival at the Moletto Beach in Marciana Marina, scheduled for 23 October 2021.

150 swimmers, between professionals and amateurs, will compete in a charity marathon between Spiaggia delle Ghiaie and Marciana Marina.

There are three routes that will touch the north coast of the island. Elba Swim 647 is a stage of Abbracciamoli Tour 2021, a series of sporting events throughout Italy, mainly swimming ultramarathons and open water crossings organized by Abbracciamoli ONLUS. The purpose of Abbracciamoli is the fight against childhood leukemia and all proceeds from the events are dedicated to pediatric hematoncology departments, usually identified in the area where the event takes place.

The swim is reserved for a maximum number of 150 swimmers with experience in open water runs. Assistance and safety are provided by Elba Diving Center, by the Circolo della Vela Marciana Marina and Sea Kayak Italy with medical staff on board and ashore that guarantees the safety of swimmers. Also for this edition the CVMM will make available the means that will follow the swimmers and will offer all participants a small gift of local production. Elba Swim 647, Elba Swim 647 Middle and Elba Swim 647 One Third, are the three different distances that differ in the kilometers traveled, respectively 12, 6 and 3.5.

This is the fourth edition of a swim, in the splendid sea of ​​Elba, which has the dual objective of helping the fight against childhood leukemia and recalling environmental responsibility which cannot be ignored for everyone’s health and future; it is a project that, by putting man at the center, combines the environment, health, sociality. For our athletes it becomes a moment of challenge, and a gesture of respect at the same time, towards children in difficulty, towards an environment that we are required to protect why? wonderful, unique but so fragile.

Hence the collaboration with MAREVIVO to enhance and protect even the sea where we want to live our passion and demonstrate that even with small gestures and with attention it is possible? improve the impact on the environment.

In this edition # 4 we will host the “Albatros Progetto Paolo Pinto” Association, created to commemorate Paolo Pinto, the extraordinary world champion in long-distance swimming, author of epic crossings; the association will dedicate a special prize specially created for Elba Swim 647.

The event also avails itself of the support of Enervit S.p.A., a leading company in sports food supplementation and functional nutrition, and of Speedo Italia, a leading brand in the world of Swimwear; The winners will be awarded by Acqua dell’Elba to emphasize the colors and scents of the island.

Further information is available on the websites: www.cvmm.it and www.abbracciamoli.it