Junkers wreck 52

The Junkers 52 wreck is located approximately 300 meters north of the Portoferraio lighthouse, at a depth of 37 meters. The Junkers 52 aircraft German military, it was shot down on 9 September 1944 and only discovered in 1997 by a Diving with the help of some local fishermen.

The Junkers 52 was a very popular aircraft in the Luftwaffe during the Second World War due to its versatility. It could be used both as a bomber and as a troop transport (over 20 people between soldiers and crew) and with its 19 meters long, 29 meters wingspan and 3 engines it could reach a speed of over 280 km / h.

The plane, according to at least a reconstruction obtained from a series of testimonies, was shot down by an anti-aircraft battery that was in the Bagnaia area, while with two other planes (fighters) it was preparing to fly over Portoferraio.

The front part of the Junkers 52 wreck has been hooked several times by fishing boats and consequently torn away, after a few years it was recovered and transported to the Portoferraio museum.

The structure is well preserved and you can browse inside from some cracks in the cockpit.

The sheets of the Junkers 52 wreck are now covered with microorganisms, there are dozens of sponges. The wreck has become a perfect habitat for fish, so much so that it has become the habitual home of a large conger.

Ju 52 history

The Junkers 52 was characterized, like the previous aircraft of the same role of the Junkers, by the all-metal construction, covered with corrugated metal panels, a typical design of the German company. The parts and pieces joined to the structure of the aircraft, as well as the corrugated metal (however much stronger than the metal tubes and the fabric), generated a stronger resistance, but the aircraft was more stable in side winds.

The prototype was initially powered by a single engine, but it was quickly realized that it was underpowered for the intended purposes. In April 1931 two other engines were applied to the wings; the aircraft thus achieved remarkable performances and acquired the definitive three-engine configuration (such as the Junkers 52 wreck on the Island of Elba), becoming the pre-series model. Production of the new model began immediately.


Where is the wreck of the Junkers 52

The wreck is about 300 m from the rock of Portoferraio , many boats pass in the area, being close to the port entrance.