Biscotteria Portoferraio today municipality

Biscotteria Portoferraio today municipality

Biscotteria is the name of the building that houses the town hall of Portoferraio , “Palazzo della Biscotteria”. It was built around 1558 on a project by Giovanni Camerini to produce the “ biscuit “: the bread for the garrisons of soldiers and the workers of the works of the new Medici city” Cosmopoli “.
On the orders of Cosimo I dei Medici, Camerini, military architect, carried out the project so that the Biscotteria was capable of make “1000 biscuit cantora per month”.

On the ground floor there were the mouths of eight ovens, above is the caldano room and above again, on the third floor a room for keeping the flour.

The Biscotteria hosted Napoleon

The palace of the Biscotteria di Portoferraio hosted Napoleon , before moving to the Mill Building.

360° View

360 ° View of the Biscuit Shop