Tower of S. Giovanni Monte Perone

The Tower of San Giovanni previously called: Torra, Torretta or Torre della Regina, takes its new name from the nearby parish church of San Giovanni which we find a few meters ahead. It is thought to have been built in the 11th century by the republic of Pisa. The tower was built on a huge granite boulder in the Morota area at an altitude of 350m, in a dominant position over the entire Gulf of Marina di Campo, with the aim of controlling the maritime traffic in this area. The tower, in visual contact with the Volterraio castle and other structures, ensured the defense of the Elban territory from the Saracen threats that loomed in those days on the Mediterranean. The Tower was accessed with a retractable staircase as we can see from the drawing that reproduces it.

Directions reported on the billboard of the Tower of San Giovanni

Watchtower built by the Republic of Pisa for the defense of its Elban garrison, dating back to the century. XI – XII century. Popularly called Torre della Regina, it was included in the medieval town of Campo which included the two villages of Sancto Ylario ad Campum (now Sant’Ilario). Its role was to control ship traffic in the Piombino strait and the adjacent sea. It was part of a system made up of towers and fortifications connected “on sight” for the “optical” communication of military / defensive information. Certainly damaged after its capture, during a war event, for many centuries it has continued to dominate the Gulf of Marina di Campo with its majesty. The restoration of the tower took place in 1995.

360° View

360 ° view from the Tower of San Giovanni


How to reach the Tower of San Giovanni

The Tower of San Giovanni is easily identifiable and reachable from the road that goes up to Monte Perone from Sant’Ilario and San Piero, we can already see it from afar, given its predominant location in the area. After passing these villages, about 3 km, we find it on our right 50 m from the road. A path leads us to the foot of the Torre di San Giovanni. It is not possible to visit the interior.