The Tower of Marina di Campo

The Tower of Marina di Campo built in the twelfth century. is attributable to the Pisan area, overlooking the small port of Marina di Campo , watching over the entire gulf given its location. The artifact, located at a height of about twenty-five meters, has a circular section plan with a sturdy shoe and machicolations for leaded defense.

History of the Tower of Marina di Campo

Around this watchtower , began relatively recently the first settlements, but above all around the church of San Gaetano, chaplaincy of the subjects of the King of Naples and the previous Crown of Spain. Here, as elsewhere, the strategic places of Elba presided, in a very long struggle for supremacy over the Mediterranean against the French, the which, on the other hand, allied themselves with the Barbary pirates of the Muslim faith, to counter the excessive power of the monarchy of Charles V and Philip II.

Location of Marina di Campo Tower