Falcon Fortress

The Falcon Fortress was built in 1548 by the Medici as a defense from the continuous pirate attacks. The interior is terraced and very spacious, with numerous stairs and sub-passageways. The walls are imposing and circle the whole ancient center of Portoferraio, as you can see from the photo. Thanks to its height, you can see the whole town and the surrounding area. There are many entryways to the Fort, but that which is open to the public is located in Via Guerrazzi.

The Medici Fortifications

The modern city of Portoferraio with its imposing fortifications maintains the imprint of the foundation commissioned by Cosimo I dei Medici in the mid-16th century. In order to acquire the lordship of Piombino, Cosimo managed to obtain control over Elba from the Spain of Charles V and the possibility of defending the port of Ferraio: so before building Forte Falcone and Forte Stella, he built a pitched fort and then a real fortified city. In April 1548 Giovanni Battista Bellucci, Pirro Colonna and Otto di Montaguto arrived on the island with the task of preparing the field defenses.

Fortress Falcone and the Stella

In June 1548 Giovanni Camerini replaced Bellucci and following the layout of the works already built on the hills, he had the fortresses in masonry of Forte Falcone and della Stella, while in defense of the port he built the Torre della Linguella. In the following years he provided for the construction of the Front of the Land, towards the west, and the walled curtains that enclose the city, while also designing the urban layout and its main buildings (Duomo, Convent of S. Francesco, Biscotteria). When Camerini died in 1570, Bernardo Buontalenti took over and planned the doubling of the land front, following the indications of Duke Francesco to incorporate the defenses already present.

360° View

360 ° view of Fortress Falcone


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Fortress Falcone
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