Pieve di San Michele Church in Capoliveri

Church of San Michele

Pieve di San Michele, an ancient church located in Capoliveri, was built in the first half of the 12th century (attested in 1255) probably on an older building, as the base plinth would suggest. The church was completely destroyed, excluding the apse, in 1553 by devastating pirate raids first by Barbarossa, and then by Dragut.

Of the ancient church of Capoliveri only the apse and a part of the wall remain

The church of San Michele was never rebuilt in its entirety and was subsequently used as the cemetery of the Community of Capoliveri until the Napoleonic laws, which prohibited burial in churches. Only two sections of the medieval building remain, the apse and a part of the north wall. The semicircular apse is punctuated by six pilasters with shaped bases and half-capitals, surmounted by pairs of hanging and blind arches. In the center there is a single lancet window with a double splay. The quarter-sphere bowl roof is no longer the original, but true to the original. Of the rest of the church, whose ruins were still visible at the beginning of the nineteenth century, nothing remains except the foundations. The Municipality of Capoliveri has carried out restoration works.

Location Pieve di San Michele – Capoliveri