Marciana Church of Santa Caterina

The Church of Marciana was built in the 16th century. on the site where there was an older chapel which was incorporated into the new building. The inclination of the land causes the height of the external fronts to vary, of which the main one rises over the small square, while the south-east corner, surmounted by the square bell tower, dominates the valley. Among the largest churches on Elba, with three naves, it develops in height with a partly sail-shaped and partly cross-vaulted roof. On the side walls there are eight eighteenth-century altars, partly in masonry and partly in marble, on which the related altarpieces are preserved. The granite baptismal font dates back to 1435, and is surmounted by a small eighteenth-century statue in gilded wood of the “Baptist“.

How to reach the church of Marciana Santa Caterina

The church is located at the lowest point of the town, a few meters after passing the gate of the town of Marciana Alta

Location of the Santa Caterina Church