Madonna of Monserrato

The sanctuary of Monserrato was erected on a rocky ridge located in the middle of the valley, on the sides two rivers flow, including the ditch of Monte Santo.

The place is made up of rocks rich in iron ore, which give the mountains that characteristic and unique color of Elba, making the whole fascinating and exclusive.

The Sanctuary built in 1606

The sanctuary of Monserrato was erected in 1606 by order of the Spanish governor: the name derives from the local veneration of a statue of the Madonna executed in imitation of that of the sanctuary of Montserrat near Barcellona. The influences of the Iberian Baroque architectural culture are felt in the decorations that enliven the surfaces. Inside is an altarpiece depicting the “Black Madonna enthroned with the Child“, like that of Montserrat, made by an unknown artist, but also dating back to the 17th century.

Stree View

360 ° view from the Sanctuary of Monserrato

Where is the Sanctuary of Monserrato

Monserrato is found by exiting 2 km from the town of Porto Azzurro , towards Rio Marina. You can arrive by car a short distance from the church.