Church of SS. Trinity Sant’Ilario

Church of SS. Trinity – Anime of Purgatorio Chapel

Among the churches and altars that were built in the eighteenth century, there is the church of SS. Trinità a Sant’llario , wanted by Don Simone Costa, native of Marciana and spiritual treasurer of the Parish of Populonia, who in 1740 wanted to build in the middle of the land he owned in the countryside of Sant’Ilario, the public oratory of SS. Trinità, along the ancient road between La Pila and Sant’Ilario.

Before the eighteenth century are the Santilarese oratories of San Francesco Saverio , under the Calanche, and of the Madonna del Carmine, in the middle of the town.

The chapel of the SS. Trinità was built on the old road that led to Sant’llario , on a huge granite boulder with a small atrium that gave the building the shape of a tau and a characteristic aspect, which could be preserved with little.

Chapel of the SS. Trinity Sant’llario / Chapel of the Souls in Purgatory

The remains of the Chapel of the Souls in Purgatory allow traces of the ancient frescoes to be glimpsed in the vaulted ceiling.

Someone says that near the chapel the inhabitants who walked the street took advantage of a stop in the shelter and used to change their shoes before going to the village.

How to reach the Trinity church in Sant’Ilario

The Church is located about 500 m before reaching the village, arriving by car from La Pila, after the last bend at the end of the straight we can park and walk along the Scorcia path, about 100m later we find the ruins of the SS Chapel Trinity. Sant’Ilario can be easily reached from Marina di Campo and from Procchio , from which it is only 6 km from the first and 7 km from the second.

Location Church of SS. Trinity Sant’Ilario