Capoliveri Church of Santa Maria Assunta

The Capoliveri church is located at the highest point of the town, Santa Maria Assunta, also known as “Santissima Annunziata” (13th-14th century). The church of seventeenth-century origin, was restored in 1830, as the epigraph on the main door recalls, and preserves inside numerous nineteenth-century statues in painted plaster.

The history of the Church of Capoliveri Santa Maria Assunta

Of Romanesque layout and documented since 1343. It was attacked by the Franco-Turkish troops of Dragut in 1553; this event was described in a marble epigraph from 1576, now missing, which was inside the church: «When the Turkish armies came to Christianity they landed in Porto Longone (ancient name of Porto Azzurro): the Turks came to the land of Capoliveri, they burned the church and destroyed all the images of Christ and the Saints and destroyed the present [altar]». Inside the building, numerous nineteenth-century painted plaster statues should be noted, together with a canvas depicting the Madonna del Carmine between San Mamiliano and Sant’Andrea, originally placed in the nearby church of San Mamiliano.

How to reach the Church of Santa Maria Assunta

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is located in the center of the town of Capoliveri, not far from the square with a view of the town, often hosting summer concerts.

Location of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta