Church of San Rocco (Portoferraio)

The Church of San Rocco has been officiated since 1804 by the Confraternity of Mercy, and had annexed the eighteenth-century cemetery reserved for the victims of the plague and those executed who were not admitted into the city (entrance bridge to the fortification). The building, begun at the expense of the citizens in 1584, was finished with the contribution of Grand Duke Ferdinand I in 1592. The current façade dates back to the end of the 18th century, when the cemetery was also built.

Inside are the tombs of two Knights of Saint Stephen

Inside there is a marble altar adorned with a modern statue of “San Rocco”, which replaces the original one. Of past memories only the tombs of two Knights of Saint Stephen remain.

Stree View

360 ° external view of the Church of San Rocco (Portoferraio)

How to reach Church of San Rocco (Portoferraio)

The church is located not far from the historic center of Portoferraio. About 500 m before the bridge, turn left into via San Rocco, after 50 m we find ourselves in front of the church.

Location Church of San Rocco (Portoferraio)