Church of San Defendente in Poggio

The Church of San Defendente was built at the beginning of the 16th century. , belonged to the brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament, and was renovated in 1786. The facade is moved by four pilasters with Corinthian capitals, the cast iron door is decorated with bas-reliefs and the interior, in which the single nave develops in height, retains a late eighteenth-century organ. The presbytery area is emphasized by neoclassical columns on which the arch divides the spherical semi-dome ceiling of the presbytery from the barrel vault of the nave. Among the preserved works are the early nineteenth century painting depicting the “Madonna Assunta” with the souls of purgatory in the flames below, and the statues of “Dead Christ” and “Madonna with a heart pierced by swords”.

Stree View

360 ° external view of the Church of San Defendente

How to reach the church of San Defendente in Poggio

The church of San Defendente is located in the lower part of the village of Poggio . North West side of the Island of Elba

Location Church of San Defendente a Poggio