Church of San Nicolò San Piero

The church of San Nicolò is located in San Piero, in Piazzale Belvedere or Facciatoja.
The church, originally dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, would was built in the 7th century on the remains of a Roman temple, dedicated to the God Glaucus (god of the sea, protector of sailors).
It is thought that the church was built with five bays and that the first two were lost, space now occupied by an atrium-courtyard.
Rebuilt in the 12th-13th century, it features the rows of granite cladding typical of the Romanesque Elba style, but is unique for its plan has two naves, separated by three arches set on columns and concluded with two apses, both equipped with an altar; probably due to the original title to the two saints Peter and Paul.
Within its particular structure, we find some frescoes from the 15th century.
The church in the fifteenth century it was incorporated between the two bastions of a fortress.