Chapel of the Annunciation (Portoferraio)

The Annunziata Chapel (Portoferraio) Begun in 1581, originally in a hexagonal shape with a dome, it was enlarged thanks to the contribution of Marzio da Montauto, governor of Portoferraio between 1621 and 1645, with the addition of the side altars and the loggia. It was the chapel of the ancient cemetery of Portoferraio and houses the gravestones of the most illustrious citizens. In 1799 the French demolished the external front part of it reducing it to the current hexagonal body to use it as a weapons depot. The bare interior, which preserves only one of the three original altars, was restored at the behest of Ferdinand III , in 1818, at the time of the construction of the new cemetery submitted to the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

Reach the Annunziata Chapel

The Annunziata Chapel is located adjacent to via Manganaro, Portoferraio.

Location of the Annunziata Chapel (Portoferraio)