San Piero Trekking Among the Granite Insel Elba

(230m) – PIETRA MURATA (544m) – MONCIONE (366 m) – S. PIERO (230 m)

Length 10.5 km
Duration 3h 25 minutes
Total ascent 410 m
Total descent 410 m
Highest point 548 m
Lowest point 232 m
Difficulty: “E”

Starting point is from the small village of San Piero at 230 m. above sea level. The village deserves a visit: there are old granite portals set inside the village that are particularly worth admiring;

also interesting the small church of San Nicolò, incorporated in the defensive rampart dominating the plain of Marina di Campo.

Fortezza Pisana – Facciatoja San Piero

Elba Trekking San Piero Le vie del Granito

After taking the stairway (naturally in granite) from the center of the village, the walk starts uphill for about30 minutes, until it intersects the track that goes from theTower of San Giovanni to the valley called Piane del Canale.

After a ten minute walk it is a good idea to leave the track and stop at Pietra Murata from where you can admire a beautiful view.

From here you can see some of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, such as Pianosa and Mountcristo, and also, further away, the French island of Corsica

In fact this was a strategic lookout and defensive position already in pre-Roman times.

Pietra Murata

After returning to the trail, the walk continues downhill along a ditch called Fosso del Malocci until it reaches trail No. 35 that goes to the granite quarries of San Piero. Along the track, in addition to the beautiful views, there are the typical vineyards on granite terracing, most of which have been abandoned but are still in good condition.

Mulino di Moncione San Piero

During this last part of the route, take a good look around, because it is not difficult to see semi-finished granite boulders: the strange indented signs and the sketches of columns are what remains of the ancient working of the granite which already flourished in the Pisan era (12th century. ).
The green meadow near the old Moncione mill deserves a stop.
The way back is always to the village of San Piero. The end of the walk takes you back to the village of San Piero.