Stones Blacks Scuba diving Elba Island

Blacks Stones Capo Caldo is the southern border of the Gulf of Porto Azzurro. Descending near the cape, the diver will find a varied seabed characterized by big rocks and walls that descend to 40 meters.

At 35 meters the cliff is completely covered by red gorgonias; among the rocks, it is quite common to spot the antennas of lobsters while with the flashlight pointed inside the deep cracks you might see the red carapaces of squat lobsters. The side of the cliff facing the open sea is full of different species of fish, such as groupers and dentexes, and during the summer months occasional moonfish.

Sub Elba Cefali

The area is fairly sheltered from the winds making it a good dive site even when the weather is not perfect and a good practice place for beginners.


Blacks Stones Scuba diving