Shallows of Fetovaia Scuba diving Elba Island

Shallows of Fetovaia, these shallows are situated on the southern side of the island near the cape bearing the same name. Its summit is 12 meters deep and can usually be spotted from the surface when the sea is calm.

Beyond a flat area on the southern side with sandy and rocky seabed, starts a dramatic drop vanishing into the deep blue sea.While swimming slowly along the cliff, the diver will see holes and breaches that are the perfect hide-out for octopuses, conger-eels and scorpion fish. At a depth of 30 meters, the route veers eastward, descending to 40 meters.

Flabellina Cratena Peregrina - Nudibranco

Shallows of Fetovaia Scuba diving dive sites Elba Islandere the cliff continues towards the open sea, completely covered by gorgonias that when illuminated by flashlight show off their deep red colour. This offshoot of the cliff continues to descend even deeper and it is therefore advisable to be particularly careful in checking air consumption in order to make a safe ascent.