Shallows of Capo Fonza Scuba diving Elba Island

These shallows near Capo Fonza, are one of the most popular dive sites of the Elba. The shallow is easily located from the surface since its summit reaches 3 meters under the level of sea.

The dive begins by following the steep wall reaching a depth of 40 meters towards the open sea. At the base, the various clefts and small caves house lobsters, white beams and moray eels, while by carefully looking inside the more protected fractures you may see the pretty branches of red coral. The current may make the descent difficult but contributes to the richness of the seabed.

Dentice (Dentex dentex) - famiglia degli Sparidae

The side of the shallows towards the promontory of Capo Fonza is less steep, with big rocks on which there are colonies of yellow Parazoanthus, false corals and the delicate laces of sea roses. In the sandy areas, between the rocks, sometimes there are the great valves of the Pinna nobilis.