Scoglietto of Portoferraio Scuba diving Elba Island

Scoglietto of Portoferraio Just outside the bay of Portoferraio there is a small isle: the seabed beneath it is made of a large variety of natural formations and especially in spring there are shoals of pelagic fish, such as silver amberjacks. The seabed around the Scoglietto is quite extraordinary and deserves various dives.

Scoglietto di Portoferraio

However, the area along the north side is particularly interesting, the first stretch being characterized by large rocks and wide sand patches that gently descend to 25 meters where there is a large plateau. Continuing to swim towards the open sea, the cliff descends more sharply displaying a beautiful wall that disappears into the depths.

Here there is a large sweep of red gorgonias among the branches of which float thick shoals of Anthias. Also interesting are some deep breaches which have vaults completely colonized by large varieties of sessile species of amazing colours. Among the rocks of this seabed it is also common to meet groupers