Remaiolo Rock Scuba diving Elba Island

Remaiolo Rock is situated at the southernmost point of the Elba Island inside the Bay of Remaiolo and in front of the old mine Capoliveri. It is a favourite dive and it is worthwhile to organize various explorations.

The dive starts from the south side facing the Island of Montecristo. At a depth of 14 meters the route follows the rocky ridge and descends on both sides quite steeply until it reaches an islet situated at 40 meters which descends to more than 55 meters. The top of this islet is covered with red seafans swarming with Anthias and it is common also to see some rocklings and lobsters.

Sub Elba Ghiozzo Geniporo

The west side of the rock is characterized by a vertical wall full of fractures and rich with life. The wall descends from 25 meters to over 40 meters. Finally, the north side offers great rocks, walls and small caves with groupers, scorpion fish, Parazoanthus and an incredible variety of seaslugs. Also in this area there are often moonfish, John Dory fish and torpedoes.


Remaiolo Rock