Punta Cannelle Scuba diving Elba Island

Tip of the Cannelle is situated on the north side of the Gulf of Porto Azzurro (about a mile east of Barbarossa Beach,) and the dive can start under the promontory. Towards the open sea, the dive route passes by a plateau descending gently to 25 meters and reaches a sharp edge that descends steeply into the sea. Punta delle Cannelle Subacquea Isola d’ Elba Punta delle Cannelle Scuba diving dive sites Elba Island White and yellow gorgonias colonize the rocks while towards the open sea it is possible to spot schools of saddled breams, groupers and on a lucky day also the silhouette of a big pelagic visitor chasing preys. Below 30 meters, the wall is completely covered by the paramuricea coral fans that become thicker and thicker as one descends. At the base of the cliff there are narrow passages between rocks with colonies of porifers and Parazoanthus hiding from the light, while in the larger cracks there are shellfish, conger-eels and rocklings.

Elba Sub Re di Triglie Apagon


Punta Cannelle Scuba diving