Pablo Peaks Scuba diving Elba Island

Pablo Peaks Near Punta Bianca Capoliveri there are some rocks reaching a couple meters below the surface of the water.

The dive begins from these rocks that present an extraordinary amount of bright orange Parazoanthus, and continues towards the open sea along a steep wall full of niches and holes that are the environment for the yellow gorgonias Eunicella cavolinii covering with their fans the shadier area of the seabed. Wide canyons and narrow cracks go down vertically, reaching greater depths where the coralligenous displays its brightest colour.

Sub Elba Castagnola Rossa

Slightly towards the north, 35 meters deep, there is a small cave in which hundreds of red crayfish Plesionika narval live. At the bottom of the wall, among some isolated rocks there are gorgonias and hide-outs for lobsters and morays.


Peaks of Pablo Capoliveri Diving