Gemini Rocks Scuba diving Elba Island

Gemini Rocks This group of emerging rocks is situated near the coast west from Capo Calamita at Capoliveri. The descent is along a rocky seabed; at a depth of 15-20 meters there are interesting holes, small caves and natural arches in which various forms of life develop; one of these is the Parazoanthus axinellae that with its bright yellow color makes a unique background for the damselfish.

There are also many seaslugs, such as flabellinas, Hypselodoris valenciennesi and Discodoris astromaculata with its white coat of black spots, that creates a strong contrast with the red sponge Petrosia ficiformis from which the mollusc takes its nourishment. Along the northwestern side, the seabed starts descending and there are various gorgonias among which live lobsters and many Anthias.

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