Formiche of the Zanca Scuba diving Elba Island

To the west of Marciana Marina, between Capo Sant’Andrea, Sant’Andrea and Punta della Zanca, is Formiche della Zanca, one of the finest dive sites on the northern coast of the Island of Elba. The so called Formiche, is constituted by a group of emerging rocks, Formiche della Zanca Subacquea Isola d’ Elba the underwater part of which is an amazingly scenic seabed with various routes for the diver.Formiche della Zanca Scuba diving dive sites Elba Island The side towards the Island of Capraria is particularly beautiful: beyond a detrital plateau boundaried by rocks the dive route starts descending until it reaches tall pointed cliffs and a large channel, the walls of which are made of large rocks containing many hide-outs for conger-eels and shadefish. Deeper, beyond 45 meters, there is a fantastic seabed covered by fans of red Paramuricea clavata: a particularly interesting photographic subject thanks also to the schools of Anthias and damselfish elegantly swimming among the branches. Among the rocks it is fairly common to spot the antennas of a lobster, while surfacing schools of saddle breams, bogues and occasional amberjacks regularly accompany the diver.

Polpo e Serpula Vermicularis (Octopus vulgaris) - famiglia Octopodidae