Elviscot the shipwreck of Pomonte Scuba diving Elba Island

Elviscot Relitto di Pomonte Elba

This is one of the few dives on the Island of Elba that can be commenced from the shore. The dive starts from the small beach of Pomonte . After reaching the nearby rock of Ogliera, to the left lies the body of the ship Elviscot on the detrital seabed 12 meters deep. The ship sank in 1972 after a violent sea storm pushed it ashore. The shipwreck’s bow has been deteriorated by the storms while the stern is still in good condition. Among the iron sheets there are conger-eels, white breams and octopuses, while the reflections of the light made by the sunbeams through the portholes create unusual effects, perfect for taking photos. The exploration of the Elviscot is an easy dive thanks to the moderate depth that brings brightness and transparency to the dive site. It is a splendid dive, suitable for divers of any level, even for those who have just started practicing this sport.