Corbella Rock Scuba diving Elba Island

Corbella Rock Scuba diving Elba Island, not far from Capo Stella, the promontory separating the Gulf of Lacona from the Gulf of Stella, there is a group of emerging rocks from which rise the large stack of rocks named ‘Corbella’ which also gives the name to the surrounding rocky area.

It is a good idea to organize various dives in this area in order to explore its many secrets. The most spectacular area is the one facing Capoliveri – to the east: at a depth of 15 meters the seabed is a rocky maze of holes, clefts and wide channels. Towards the southeast, the seabed morphology becomes steeper and reaches 35 meters.

The area facing the coast has a shallower seabed, with rockslides and sand, the ideal environment for a varied fauna: salpas swim peacefully among the algas and there are Chromis chromis, scorpion fish, octopuses and anemones housing small crabs. In spring, in the open sea, there is frequently the passing of dentexes and schools of amberjacks.