Capo Stella Scuba diving Elba Island

Elba Sub Gorgonia Yellow

The route for the dive near Capo Stella (Lacona), the western limit of the Gulf of Stella, initially follows the seabed made of a rockslide creating hide-outs and narrow passages. The most hidden holes conceal incredible surprises, such as tunicates, echinoderms and bryozoans that here reach unusual sizes.

As one goes deeper the cliff becomes steeper and is completely covered with colourful sponges; beyond 35 meters the wall appears to be red thanks to the paramuricea coral that envelops it with its fans and among which swim shoals of pink Anthias. Inside the fractures in the rocks, the light of the flashlight will reveal the delicate branches of red coral Corallium rubrum with perfect polyps opening up with the current.


Underwater diving at Capo Stella