West coast by kayak Elba Island


Starting point: Marina di Campo ;
Arrival point: Procchio
Length: 33 km
Duration 6 h
Degree of difficulty: challenging due to its length, but it is possible to split the itinerary. Interest: panoramic and geological

This itinerary is for experienced persons and should be done with fine weather.

From the beautiful Marina di Campo beach of Marina di Campo head southwest towards the gulf of Galenzana. There is a shoal called “bagnolo” that at low tide is completely above sea level but it should not be a problem for the canoes that slide on the water’s surface. After you have rounded Punta Bardella sail along the two caves called “Grotta del Bue Marino” and “Grotta del Vescovo” inside which you can enter with the kayaks.

After Capo Poro, the high and rocky coast changes to small pebble beaches that call for a dive. The granite cliffs become whiter and you will arrive at another cave, “Grotta Azzurra”: clear blue sea and an amazing play of light. Following is the gulf of Cavoli, the sandy shore of Seccheto, and the white and scenic beach of the “Caribbean” Fetovaia.

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Around the cape the scenery changes completely: the white and black and the many beaches, the Ogliera rock with the wreck lying on the seabed in clear shallow water. On the horizon there are the silhouettes of the island of Pianosa and the always recognizable cone of Montecristo.

La costa occidentale in kayak Isola d' Elba

Behind Pomonte, a small sea village built on the site of a Roman port, rises Mount Capanne and the green vineyards of the Poio valley against the white granite. By now you will be on the western side of the island: the white cliffs of Chiessi, Corsica’s “finger” so far and yet so close, Punta Nera, the most western point of the island and the hard granite turns into the more friable layered rocks.

After the lighthouse on Punta Polveraia, among the small caves and emerging rocks paddle until Zanca and Cape Sant’Andrea, an important landmark for the sailors of the past. The north coast of the island is covered with luxurious Mediterranean bush, the island of Capraia can be spotted in the distance and if you are very very lucky you might see the spray of a whale.

In fact it is not so rare to find some of these incredible cetaceans swimming close to this part of the coast. Once you have passed the imposing Nasuto cliff you will come in front of Marciana Marina (it deserves a stop!), with its tower and higher up the chestnut trees of Mount Capanne. After you have doubled Punta della Crocetta, circumnavigate the Rock of Paolina and finish this excursion on the large beach of Procchio.Procchio.

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