Polisportiva Elba 97 Volleyball Elba Island

Volleyball Polisportiva Elba 97 5-a-side football, basketball, volleyball

Volleyball Polisportiva Elba 97 Elba Island

The Elba 97 sports club consists of three disciplines: 5-a-side football, basketball , volleyball. It was born from the confluence of associations with decades of experience in their respective sectors. The courses are held by authorized federal technicians and the aim is to promote sporting activity, especially in the youth field. Participate in federal championships FIPAV of the First Division and various youth categories. With the minivolley players he participates in various rallies held in the provincial area.

Polisportiva Elba 97
Loc. San Giovanni,
(LI) Elba Island

Tel +39 347-3540722
Fax +39 0565-976681

Website: www.calcioa5femminile.it
E-mail: acfelba97@interfree.it