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Il Genio del Bosco Trekking, an organization that promotes sustainable tourism, outside the traditional channels of mass tourism, so that a trip or even a short stay can be transformed into an experience of enrichment and knowledge. Today many of our customers have become “repeat customers”.
It wasn’t difficult: we kept what we promised. We were also helped by the beauty of the sea and the charm of the hinterland of the islands, but we are above all proud to be able to say that we like our work.

We like it because a peaceful relationship of mutual trust is established with customers.

We like it because we work in a still “artisanal” dimension, and this allows us to follow your holiday in detail, offering you assistance that would otherwise be impossible.

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Many new customers derive from “word of mouth” which in recent years has worked better than any other advertising.

If you have not yet been reached by this ancient form of communication we will be happy to give you all sorts of information, with the hope of soon being able to count you among the large group of friends who come to visit us every year on this splendid pearl of the Mediterranean that is the island of Elba.

We began to discover with the spirit of the journey used on the Tuscan islands also other places, particularly symbolic and significant, which we have known intensely in the history and culture that frame ancient cities, villages, hills, seas and mountains. Here are the proposals, with attention to every detail where the journey becomes an experience of growth, and not just the consumption of a product that is easily found on the market.


The natural wonders, the charm of the medieval villages, the Renaissance fortresses, the environment, history and traditions that characterize this territory come together to amaze us with multicolored shows.

Simple guided walks by Trekking , with a specific theme for each excursion, to discover the hinterland of the island.

Individual rates
starting from € 15.00 strong> per person (up to 12 years free) with minimum groups of 6 participants.

In the extraordinary setting of the ancient mining sites, wonders above and below the water. A bit of navigation, a swim with mask and fins and sneakers to land, accompanied by expert Environmental Guides, on the beaches of Elba and the most beautiful and accessible only from the sea.

Every Tuesday and Friday from June 15th to September 15th, excursion duration 3-4 hours. Individual fee : € 25.00 minimum 10 participants .

The Genius of the Wood

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