50th Marcianella foot race at Marciana

The Marcianella , Sunday 23 October in the name of sport and the mountains, the foot race born in 1972 takes place.

50th Marcianella, the historic foot race that this year celebrates fifty years.

Marcianella 2022 program

The 50th Marcianella , in addition to celebrating the past, aims to give new impetus to the present, after the two years of the pandemic, inviting enthusiasts to regain the pleasure of running in the midst of nature.

The route, which is shorter than the old itinerary, stretches over 8.7 km. through the village of Marciana , the provincial road and the paths among the ancient chestnut woods of San Cerbone and the Marcianese valleys.

50th Marcianella foot race Marciana Alta Elba Island
50th Marcianella foot race Marciana Alta Elba Island

Meeting (9.00)
Departure (10.00) and arrival are in Piazza For di Porta a Marciana.

The course of the race

The Marcianella route: cross the town towards the southern part of Marciana called “L’Aia”, descend towards the cable car and from here along via del Pozzatello up to the SP25. After 1.3 km, take the path that climbs to San Cerbone, from here continue on path 110 to 103, descend along via dei Monti and via della Coste up to Marciana Piazza For di Porta. There will be a refreshment at Romitorio di San Cerbone and a refreshment upon arrival.

Route 50th Marcianella foot race Marciana Alta Elba Island
Route 50th Marcianella foot race Marciana Alta Elba Island

Registrations at the Marcianella will be made directly before departure starting at 9.00. Participants must present a copy of the medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities and sign the registration form, or fill in and sign the disclaimer.

The absolute first (men and women) will be awarded. In addition, the first three classified in the following categories will be awarded:

M1) 0 – 39
M2) 40 – 59
M3) 60 +

F1) 0 – 49
F2) 50 +

Following the 50th Marcianella, the Autumn Festival will take place

Marciana Autumn Festival Alta food stands with specialties based on chestnuts, roasted chestnuts, sweets and music
Marciana Autumn Festival

After the 50th Marcianella, the Autumn Festival will begin, in piazza For di Porta and in the internal squares with food stands that will offer specialties based on chestnuts, roasted chestnuts and desserts. Live music will follow.

Free shuttle service is provided.

The Marcianella, the Autumn Festival and other events are organized by the Municipality of Marciana in collaboration with Pro Loco Marciana-Elba, Pedalta association, Il Rifugio association, Circolo Friends of Poggio , National Association Città del Castagno , World Biodiversity Association and other local associations.

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