Elba of the Etruscans – Flowers of the earth


On March 5, the presentation of the book dedicated to the historical and geominerary heritage of the island of Elba.

Will be held Saturday, March 5, from 9.30 am, at the headquarters of the Parco Minerario dell’Isola d’Elba, the presentation of the book “Elba: I flowers of the earth – the extraordinary diversity geo-mineralogical land of the Etruscans “, the second notebook of the magazine Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago by the publisher Movability Books-Simtur.

Elba of the Etruscans - Flowers of the earth

The book is the final act of the project “Elba of the Etruscans”, included in the celebrations of the Day of the Etruscans of the Regional Council of Tuscany, through which it was possible to tell and enhance the historical and geominerary heritage of the Island of Elba: its Etruscan origins, the beautiful gems, minerals kept in the folds of the earth, the morphology of the territory that teach us to understand the island and read it through eyes more aware.

Andrea Dini, Graziano Rinaldi, Patrizia Lupi are the authors who accompany the reader to the knowledge of the island and its precious heritage, in a journey through western, central and eastern Elba: three distinct but united souls, to which correspond mineral and geological diversities to be identified in the landscape and among the rocks that hide these precious treasures. Evocative images that highlight the extraordinary variety of colors enclosed within gems and minerals. The story concludes with the narration of the Etruscan presence on the island: Aethalia, the land of a thousand fires, this was the ancient Etruscan name of the island, and the name highlights the symbiosis between man and earth, expressed through the art of working iron, of which the Etruscan people immediately understood the importance, and made of it both an instrument of art for the working of objects of exceptional refinement, and an instrument of exchange and commerce. If of it speaks in the 8° chapter cured by the archaeologist Laura Pagliantini.

Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago

The presentation will open with the greetings of the institutional representatives and the projection of some images from the photographic collection “Memorie di Ferro” made available by the Carlo D’Ego Cultural Association, and then continue with the interventions of guests and speakers who participated in the project: Andrea Dini, IGG-CNR Institute of Geosciences and Georesources and author of the volume – “The extraordinary geo-mineralogical diversity of Elba”, Marco Firmati, Director of the Archaeological Museum Rio nell’Elba Miniere – “The value of a millenary history”, Agata Patanè and Luca Sbrilli, of the national coordination ISPRA-ReMI – “The Mining Network for the enhancement of Heritage”, Sabrina Busato, President Feisct – “Patrimonial Communities for a future tourism”, Alessandro Lanzetta, ANCI Tuscany, – “The experience of Anci Toscana for the enhancement of cultural heritage”, Giuseppe Giangregorio, Director of the Celleri Mineralogical and Gemological Museum – “The Paths of Wonders”, Gianfranco Vanagolli, writer – “Lands of Rio: people and crafts”, The initiative will end with a guided tour of the Mining Museum, accompanied by the Director of the Museum Marco Firmati. As moderator the journalist Patrizia Lupi, director of the magazine Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago who participated with Sabrina Busato, EFISCT President, in the conception and implementation of the project.

FEISCT, European Federation of Historical, Cultural and Tourist Itineraries

“Elba degli Etruschi” is a project that is part of the initiatives of the Etruscan Day established by the Regional Council of Tuscany, of which the Mining Park of the Island of Elba is the leader, and sees as a partner the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, ISPRA – ReMI National Mining Network, Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago, FEISCT – European Federation of Historical Cultural and Tourist Routes, Institute of Geosciences and Georesources of the CNR, the Pelagos cooperative as manager MUM – Celleri Museum of San Piero , Infoelba, VisitElba, Acqua dell’Elba, the Pro Loco of Porto Azzurro, Capoliveri , Marina di Campo e di Rio, Diffuse Archeology APS, The Small Mine of Porto Azzurro, Academy of Cuisine Elba Island section, Italy Our Tuscan Archipelago, Carlo D’Ego Association, Elba del Vicino, Caput Liberum, University of Pisa, the publisher Movability Books – Simtur, with the patronage of he Municipality of Capoliveri and the collaboration of the Municipalities of Rio, Porto Azzurro, Campo nell’Elba.

Elba: Flowers of the earth

Participation in the event is free of charge while places are available, and will be held in compliance with the anti-covid measures according to current regulations. For access is required the possession of the green pass reinforced.

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