From the Antilles to the Elbe on the trail of their roots

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Dal 16 al 20 ottobre si terrà all’Isola d’Elba, e lungo la costa toscana, l’“History Rooting Tour: sur les traces de vos ancêtres”: prima Esperienza ed evento di ritorno alle Radici in stile Rooting nella regione.

The trip is organized by the Tour Operator ACT of Travel with the collaboration of Italy Rooting Consulting and drafting of Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago. Will include Carrara, Lucca, Livorno, Piombino and Elba, on the traces of the events of his personal life and the historical experienced by the family of Monique Clesca, a journalist and writer of haiti in search of your european roots.

History Rooting Tour

The ACT OF BIRTH of ANDREA CLESCA, from the Antilles to the Elbe on the traces of their roots

His ancestor Andrea Antonio Giuseppe Clesca, was born in Portoferraio on the 16th of September, 1813, the son of a lieutenant in the Hungarian native Lunderborg, arrived at the Elbe probably the result of Napoleon. Her mother, Francesca Caterina Andreoli, was of Massa di Carrara, at the time part of the principality of Lucca and Piombino. He had two sisters, one born in 1808, and the other in Piombino in 1813. After 1815, as you lose track of Clesca, back, probably in France, after the escape of Napoleon from Elba, and subsequently travelled in the west indies, at the time a French colony. Here he died in 1867, he tells us his gravestone in the cemetery of Saint Marc, who remembers him as vice-consul of France.

Go back to Elba

Clesca Joseph, Consul of France, from the Antilles to Elba in the footsteps of their roots

Almost 210 years after that September 2013, one of Antonio Clesca’s heirs, Monique Clesca, with her son in her early thirties, Karim Daniel, retraces the pages of family history back to Elba, a small island which has found itself at the center of important historical events.

Monique Clesca is a writer and journalist expert in international development and communication. She is an active supporter of the cause of women, human rights, social justice and gender equality. After numerous travels around the world she Monique she comes to Italy not as a spectator, but an explorer, “Italian among Italians”, aware of her roots.

Monique Clesca

Monique Clesca, from the Antilles to Elba in the footsteps of her roots

Monique will be welcomed by the Elban community, along a path between history, culture, food and wine traditions and landscape, and will be able to consult in original, at the historical archive of the Municipality of Portoferraio a > to De Laugier , thanks to the availability of the curator Dr. Gloria Peria and the Councilor Prof. Giuseppe Battaglini, that document that for her is not just a relic but the beginning of a story, the one that the great-great-grandfather really lived and that Monique intends to tell in a book. Among others, she will meet Luca Bellosi and other representatives of the Petite Armée, Gabriella Solari of Italia Nostra Arcipelago Toscano, Patrizia Lupi of the Elba Island Foundation, Rossana Galletti of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, Manuela Cavallin of the Pro Loco of Portoferraio, Antonio Arrighi dell homonymous winery. The visit also includes a tour of the island, in the footsteps of Napoleon .

An unusual way of promoting the island, outside the box, on the long wave of history. The Rooting travel style is an invitation to enter into the memory of the mystery and beauty hidden in one’s DNA. In fact, the Rooting® brand philosophy is an experience of total immersion in the heart and spirit of the places and history of everyone among the people of their homeland.