Help for those who want to quit smoking on Elba

The twelfth anti-smoking mutual aid group is underway on Elba

In March, the twelfth anti-smoking mutual aid group will begin, coordinated by the facilitator Matteo Balatresi in collaboration with Franca Stampacchia.

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The course will start on March 7 in Portoferraio, on times and days to be established based on the participants. The course is dedicated to those who wish to quit smoking, but find it difficult to face this delicate step on their own. The interesting and stimulating path, as reported by some participants of the previous courses, can be a valid support. About 50% of those who attended the previous courses gave up smoking; after one year, 40% have not resumed smoking.

The course is part of the passive smoking prevention project “If you smoke, your child smokes too”, created by the Health Commission of the Foundation Elba island ETS with the sponsorship of USL Nord Ovest. It has reached its sixth year of life, thanks to the contribution of the Foundation.

The project was born to respond to the requests of adult pulmonologists and cardiologists: “What can we do to reduce the pathology caused by smoking in adulthood? Pediatricians, allergists, children’s pulmonologists, can you start teaching children and their families that smoking is bad for you?”.

The Health Commission of the Elba Island ETS Foundation answered these questions with great enthusiasm and intense teamwork, articulating the activity in various directions: birth point, territory, primary school.

In recent years, about 130 people have stopped smoking thanks to this type of approach.

The anti-smoking mutual aid course is free. There are still some places available.

For information and any free registration call 347 357 4927.

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How does the course take place? The meetings take place in small groups, driven by the motivation to question themselves and try to win a difficult battle, together with the facilitators. “There were very intense moments in which the group united and strengthened themselves, facing various episodes, discussing and relying on their own motivation and drive to be able to quit smoking” reports the coordinator Matteo Balatresi “When a climate is created relaxed and of mutual respect, one gradually witnesses a constructive discussion and security towards one’s future”.

Not smoking is a choice of love

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