Elba Arte: the watercolors by Antonello Marchese at the gran Guardia in Portoferraio

Protagonists are the biodiversity and landscapes of the Island of Elba

The exhibition of watercolors by Antonello Marchese dedicated to the life and to the landscapes of Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

Elba Arte: the watercolors by Antonello Marchese at the gran Guardia in Portoferraio.  Biodiversity and island landscapes are the protagonists

Elba Photo Nature Project

Marchese’s work is part of the Elba Foto Natura project, an action within the projects of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS), dedicated from the artist to the communication of the values ​​of biodiversity and landscape richness of our island and of the Mab Isole di Toscana reserve.

The project, already active since 2015, initially exclusively photographic, has had an evolution and now from 2020 focused on the multiplicity of communication and storytelling methods employed.

Official guide of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

Alongside photography, which continues to have an important position, the characteristic verbal account of the work commitment as a tourist and environmental excursion guide and official guide of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park (these activities are the fulcrum of a more sustainable tourism), also continuing the advertising activity, which in any case took place in parallel, developing environmental and naturalistic themes with the publication of articles in the press, on the web and the publication of various books dealing with Elba and the territory of National Park. The story has therefore now been joined and consolidated through artistic expression with watercolors and other works that deal with our environment, the landscape, historical emergencies and various natural aspects and those linked to biodiversity.
Protagonists of this small exhibition within the collective exhibition of the Circolo degli Artisti are the animals of our seas, the bream, the octopus, the amberjack, but also the avifauna with the robin, the Venturone Corso, the move on to other winged creatures, such as the colorful butterflies and still to the best-known island monuments and landscapes.

Antonello Marchese

Antonello Marchese, while still a high school student, attended drawing and art history lessons at the “Raffaello Foresi” scientific high school in Portoferraio, by the Elban professor and artist Giancarlo Castelvecchi. He took other art history exams during his university studies. In the second half of the nineties he edited a column on contemporary art for the weekly LISOLA, an activity that led him to know and deepen the work of numerous exponents of the island’s pictorial expression, including Italo Bolano, Marcello D’Arco , Giancarlo Castelvecchi, Nevio Leoni, Sandro Zingoni, Mauro Marinari and others belonging to the artistic groups called “Painters of the English Fort” and “Artists on Elba”. In that period he approached drawing, painting and graphics again, painting with acrylic, tempera and watercolor colors and subsequently exhibiting in some personal and group exhibitions. Among his favorite subjects, as an artistic interpretation to complement the decades-long work of photographic documentation carried out by the author himself, are the nature and landscapes of Elba, the seascapes and the views of the lighthouses and the most loved places on the island.

As mentioned, Marchese’s work is included in the Collective Exhibition of Visual Arts of the Circolo degli Artisti – Elba Island in which the artists Lucilla Andreanelli, Silvana Natoli, Linda Killick, Monica Pellizzari also participate, with other personal pictorial projects .

The free admission exhibition will be open until 11 August with opening hours from 21 to 24.