Chestnut Elba 2023 – Party in Poggio

Poggio Chestnut Festival

Party at Poggio delle Castagne on Sunday 29 October 2023, the now famous pucinca chestnut cake will take place, the most famous on the whole island of Elba.

Chestnut Festival in Poggio

The event will take place on 29 October 2023, outdoors, in Marciana (Poggio).

As per tradition, Chestnut Week opens and closes with two events that celebrate the flavors of Elba’s autumn. Autumn Festival on Sunday 22nd in Marciana and the famous Castagnata Elbana, Sunday 29th in Poggio.

Roasted chestnuts, roasted chestnuts
Chestnut Festival in Poggio

Two events that are more than a simple festival, which liven up our mountain villages and represent the desire to be together, to tell the story of our territory through taste and gastronomic creations.

In addition to tasteful events, excursions and walks among the chestnut groves and some cultural and educational initiatives will be offered.

The event closes the autumn celebrations and events that the two mountain villages of Poggio and Marciana offer to the entire island of Elba.

Poggio Chestnut Festival program

Chestnut Week 2023: from 22 to 29 October in Marciana and Poggio
Poggio Chestnut Festival program

The Castagnata di Poggio will begin at 10.00; guests will be able to visit the village following a gastronomic itinerary linked to old traditions and taste chestnut-based foods, from first courses to second courses, from desserts to chestnut bread and other delicacies.

Chestnuts from the Island of Elba
Chestnut Festival in Poggio

A free shuttle service to the village of Poggio will be available throughout the day.

The path that from Marciana Alta leads to the Hermitage of San Cerbone
Chestnut Festival in Poggio

Walk in the chestnut trees along the road that leads to San Cerbone

The Hermitage of San Cerbone is located on the slopes of Monte Capanne, at a height of 530 m above sea level, overlooking the towns of Marciana and Poggio, submerged by centuries-old chestnut trees .

The events will be organized by the Municipality of Marciana in collaboration with Pro Loco Marciana-Elba, Pedalta association, Il Rifugio association, Circolo Amici di Poggio, National Association of the City of Chestnut, World Biodiversity Association and other local associations.