Art and Dance on Elba with the “Friends forever” project

From February the Art and Dance workshops will resume on the Island of Elba with the “Friends forever” project

The project started with the name Amici Fragili does not stop, thanks to the availability and enthusiasm of the volunteers who made it possible from September to December last year. The name changes but not the substance: “Friends forever”, fully interpreting the meaning of the work carried out: promoting the inclusion of people with hardships and fragility and building bonds of solidarity and friendship among the participants.

Onlus Elba Island

Fragile friends is a project related to the announcement of “You Are Present. With young people to restart” promoted by Cesvot and financed by Giovanisì – Regione Toscana, in agreement with the Department for youth policies and the universal civil service – Presidency of the Council of Ministers and with the contribution of Fondazione Livorno al quale avevano joined, in addition to the Elba Island Foundation as leader: Auser odv, Associazione Dialogo, Ba nca dell’Elba, Italia Nostra Arcipelago Toscano, Pro Loco Campo nell’Elba, Pro Loco Portoferraio, Altamarea non-profit social cooperative, Ark social cooperative, WeOut Association, Incontriamoci in diverse aps, Circolo degli Artisti Portoferraio. The resumption of activities will be possible thanks to the self-financing put in place by the volunteers and the contribution of the Elba Island Foundation and the Pro Loco of Portoferraio

Door and access passage Strong Stella Portoferraio

There were about thirty participants in the workshops, attended by numerous volunteers of all ages, with whom it was possible to carry out a series of theatrical, artistic and musical activities culminating in the participation of the working groups in events also organized by other local associations , as in the case of the event held at the Palazzetto dello Sport organized in favor of the AGBalt and culminating in the closing party of the project during which the projects of the participants were exhibited.

Art and Dance on Elba with the "Friends forever" project

Starting February 2, the weekly meetings will continue on the Isola d’Elba, at the headquarters of the Pro Loco of Portoferraio and the Circolo degli Artisti in the premises of the Gran Guardia in Portoferraio. The Art&Photography workshop will be held on Thursdays from 4 to 6 pm and the Music&Dance workshop on Fridays from 3 to 5 pm. People of all ages are invited to collaborate, as volunteers or participants: old and new registrations are collected by contacting the headquarters of the Circolo degli Artisti directly. Belinda Biancotti, Sebastiano Lo Manto, Mario Nannini, Renzo Fabbri, Alessandro Grosso, Antonella Colli, Manuela Cavallin, Monica Brandino have already given their availability to conduct the workshops, to which other volunteers from the member associations will be added. The Auser Association has given the availability of the social gardens for the participants who want to indulge their imagination with vegetables and plants.

Fragile Friends Art and Dance on Elba

The experience of the past edition has achieved the objective of bringing together, on the same project, the skills and experience of Elba’s third sector entities and, above all, of facilitating the participation of citizens in social solidarity and inclusion activities which are at the basis of a welfare system and improvement of the quality of life of the island community.

For information: Portoferraio Alessandro Grosso Circle of Artists – Patrizia Lupi Island of Elba Foundation

57037 Portoferraio (LI), Viale Teseo Tesei 12, int. 4