Apartments In Procchio

Choice Apartment in the locality of Procchio

Apartments and houses for rent in Procchio, in the following pages you will find descriptions of the various types of apartments and houses for rent in the locality.
Apartments one, two and three room apartments; terrace, garden, barbecue, with or without sea view.

Sprizze beach and Villa on the sea Procchio apartments

If we want comfort and privacy perhaps in an apartment immersed in the unspoilt nature of Elba and a few steps from the sea, certainly our stay in an apartment near Procchio will not be in favor of saving.

Apartments near the beach and the sea of ​​Procchio

Sunset from Campo all'Aia Procchio

We can find it very close to the sea, a comfortable and practical accommodation we find in Casa Gemma which is only 40 m from the sea and the beach of Campo all’Aia, has two apartments (about 50 square meters) one on the ground floor and the other on the upper floor, both with 4 beds.

Villa in Procchio Apartments Fabrizio

It is also possible to find the isolated Villetta directly on the sea, with its green space. Only 1 km away from the village of Procchio in a quiet residential area.

If your intention is to save on spending, you can achieve this by sacrificing the apartment’s proximity to the sea a little.

Elba Beach of Campo  Aia Procchio apartments

You can find apartments in the Gulf of Procchio, or in nearby private beaches, such as the apartments le Sprizze adjacent to the tonnara del Bagno. If you love greenery and the countryside, an apartment in a farmhouse is right for you, with the addition of Elba home-made products.

Houses and lodgings for rent

Choose an accommodation in the central part of Elba if you love social life and various attractions.

The description of the apartments in the Procchio area lists the various descriptions of the properties, wide and varied the possible choices, pages complete with photos, price list, services offered , the location on the map and other details to help you make the best decision to spend your vacation.

Location Apartments House Holidays Gemma

Gemma Holiday House near the sea

Home Gemma near the sea (only 40 m from the beach) in the gulf of Procchio , has two apartments ...
Villa in Procchio Apartments Fabrizio

Villa Procchio Apartments Fabrizio

Villa in Procchio Mr. Fabrizio has various possibilities of stay, from the isolated villa directly on the sea, to the ...
Campo Aia Apartments Raffaella

Campo Aia Apartments Raffaella

In Campo all'Aia apartments 1 km from the village of Procchio, and 80m from the sea, well maintained and in ...
Campo Aia Apartment Faby

Campo Aia Apartment Faby

Campo Aia Apartment Faby Two-room apartment for 4 people in Campo all'Aia. The apartment is located on the ground floor, ...
Elba Farm Holiday Apartments Provenzali

Elba Farm Holiday Provenzali Apartments

Elba Agriturismo Provençal apartments 1 km from the village of Procchio and only 50 m from the sea, in a ...
Apartments Gabry

Apartments Gabry

Gabry Apartments, a Mono-local and a Bi-local, are 1 km from the town of Procchio and 600 m. from the ...
Le Sprizze Apartments on the sea

Le Sprizze Apartments on the sea

Apartments on the sea Le Sprizze the residence lies directly on the sea, with a beautiful beach of peebles and ...
Elba Residence Napoleon

Procchio Residence Napoleon

In Procchio Residence Napoleon the small village, in ancient times called "Cervinia" and renowned for its quartz sand beach, one ...