Mountain bike Elba Island

A different way to visit the Island of Elba is by mountain bike. Mountain cycling allows the tourist to discover the most attractive naturalistic and architectural spots through the unpaved roads, trails and forest paths of the island and at the same time it is an opportunity to practice some good physical activity. Due to the type of ground and shape of the territory, mountain cycling is the best way to travel along the roads and mule-tracks that reach the various localities. With a mountain bike you will be able to admire the beautiful views otherwise difficult to reach, and explore memorable natural landscapes.

Elba Mountain Bike

Here are some suggestions that will add to the relaxing holiday on the beautiful beaches of Elba, the possibility to discover the island’s richness of landscapes by mountain bike: four attractive itineraries, different for difficulty and type of territory, that may be undertaken by the expert as well as the amateur biker.

By Silvia Vancini

Some footpaths on the Island Mountain Bike

Lido di Capoliveri Beach

Capoliveri Punta Ripalte Elba Island in mountain bike

CAPOLIVERI (165 m) - FATTORIA DELLE RIPALTE (200m) - STRACCOLIGNO (0 m) - MONTE CALAMITA (413 m) Length 23.7 km ...
Marina di Campo Elba

Gran Fondo Elba Ovest mountain bike Elba Island

MONTE PERONE (622 m) - MONTE MAOLO (749 m) - SAN MARTINO (340 m) - MONTE ORELLO (370 m) - ...
Portoferraio seen from San Martino

San Martino mountain bike Elba Island

COLLE RECISO (198 m) - SAN MARTINO (303 m) - COLLE RECISO Length 8.7 km Duration 1 h Total ascent ...

Punta Calamita mountain bike Capoliveri Island of Elba

CAPOLIVERI (165 m) – INNAMORATA (12 m) – LAGHETTO SASSI NERI (50 m) – MONTE CALAMITA (413 m) Length 25.5 ...
Cavo Elba

Cavo in mountain bike Elba Island

RIO ELBA (170m) - CAVO (0 m) - RIO EBA Length 21.2 km Duration 2h Total ascent 363 m Total ...
Tower of San Giovanni

Monte Perone in mountain bike Elba Island

REDINOCE (27 m) - MONTE PERONE (622 m) - REDINOCE Length 18 km Duration 2 30 minutes Total ascent 654 ...


Guided natural tours: Hiking, sea kayaking, mountain biking

Porto Azzurro

Pelagos Mountain Bike Isola d’Elba


Il Genio del Bosco

Marina di Campo

Il Viottolo Mountain bike

Emozioni Mediterranee Elba Mountain Bike