Western Ring (coastal)

The Western ring is an itinerary that you could certainly do by car (50 km). Leaving from Procchio, a small town appreciated by tourists for its pretty beach and the special outline of its gulf, you head towards Marciana Marina where, passing by the seafront, you can see the small inlet of Cotone, (the old natural port), Fenicia Beach and the Saracen Tower (1100).

Continue on to Poggio located at the foot of M. Capanne, from which the street that brings you to Marciana Alta immerses you in the thick chestnut forest. The town, overhung by the Pisan Fortress of the 1100’s, can be visited only on foot, the ancient  streets being convoluted and narrow. 1 km after exiting the town there is a small square with a panoramic viewpoint. Continue in the direction of Sanca, where you can make a small side-trip to S. Andrea (locality on the sea at 2 km) and embark on a walk over the rocks (by an easy path) to Cotoncello, a very special place. Take up the journey again in the direction of Chiessi, the street a little before entering the town which is dug out of the rock, and goes straight down to the sea. 2 km later you arrive at Pomonte where, if you wish, it’s worthwhile to have a swim at the “Quartiere” Beach, 150 m below the town. In front of the beach, close to the Ogliera Rock, 9 m below on the seabed (well-visible from the surface) lies a cargo ship sunk in 1972. The huge shipwreck has become home to numerous fish species and gives you an amazing feeling. Getting back to the car and going in the direction of Marina di Campo, you pass through the towns of stretto golfo Fetovaia, a narrow gulf with a pretty beach, and Seccheto. 2 km after the latter is located the town of Cavoli, the town most frequented by the young. The trip finishes at Marina di Campo 5 km later. The town, much appreciated by the tourists is situated to the right of the biggest beach on the island (1500 m). In the center is the little port used in the past by fishermen and now also by tourist boats. The whole is dominated by the Pisan Tower, used in ancient times as a watch tower. The town has a pretty walk along the seaside and is famous as an evening meeting-place.