Western Ring of Elba

Car tour of the western ring of Elba

Certainly an itinerary that you can do by car is the tour of the western ring of Elba (50 km). Starting from Procchio, a small town appreciated by tourists for its beautiful beach and the conformation particular of the gulf, we head towards Marciana Marina where, passing by the seafront, we will be able to see the small inlet of Cotone, (ancient natural harbour), the Phoenicia and the Saracen Tower (1100).

We continue to Poggio located at the foot of the M. Huts, from here the road that takes us to Marciana Alta is immersed in the thick vegetation of chestnut trees. The town, dominated by the Pisan Fortress from 1100, can only be visited on foot, the ancient streets are steep and narrow. 1 km after leaving the town we find a square with a panoramic point. We continue in the direction of Zanca, where we can make a small detour to S. Andrea (seaside location 2 km away) and take a walk on the rocks (via an easy path) up to Cotoncello, a very particular.

Very suggestive coastal road west of Elba

Let’s continue our tour of the western ring of Elba, direction Chiessi, the road just before entering the town is dug into the rock at overhang onto the sea. 2 km later we arrive at Pomonte where, if you wish, it is worth taking a bath in the “Quartiere” beach, 150 m below the village. In front of the beach, near the Ogliera rock, on a 9 m seabed (clearly visible from the surface) lies a cargo ship that sank in 1972. The enormous wreck has become home to numerous fish species and will give us certain emotions. We get back in the car and head towards Marina di Campo passing through the towns of Fetovaia, narrow gulf with beautiful beach , and Seccheto. 2 km after the latter, there is the beach of Cavoli, the most popular among young people.

We conclude our tour of the western ring of Elba in Marina di Campo

Our tour of the western ring of Elba ends in Marina di Campo, 5 km later. The town, much appreciated by tourists, is located to the right of the largest beach on the island (1500 m). In the center we find the small port, in the past used by fishermen, now also by tourist boats, all dominated by the Tower Pisana, formerly used for sighting. The town has a beautiful seafront promenade and is famous as an evening meeting place.