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Some of the gulfs of Elba
In these pages you will find a brief description with photos of the prettiest gulfs:



Golfo della Biodola
Gulf Biodola


Inside the gulf of Biodola there are 3 beaches: Biodola, Forno and Scaglieri, three localities much appreciated by tourists and which  have houses, hotels and restaurants scattered through the greenery. Photo 2 Photo 3






La Baia di Procchio e l Enfola
Gulfs the Procchio and  Enfola


It is one of the most beautiful gulfs on the island. You
will find a long beach that begins from the town and finishes at the Guardiola on the extreme right, where the gulf closes in on itself, forming a singular shape.
Photo 2





Marina di Campo


Il Golfo di Marina di Campo
Gulf of Marina of Campo


The gulf, besides the beautiful beach of Marina di Campo, also includes that of Fonza and Galenzana. Photo 2










Lacona Tre Mari - Golfo di Lacona Golfo Stella e Golfo di Mola
Lacona Tre Mari – Golfo di Lacona Golfo Stella e Golfo di Mola



In the photo you see the gulf of Lacona and the gulf of
Stella; between the two is the town of Lacona. Photo of Stella Gulf







Spiaggia di Fetovaia
Spiaggia di Fetovaia



The long and narrow inlet ends with a fine white sandy beach; the large amount of vegetation surrounding the whole completes the charming picture.








Bay of Portoferraio


Portoferraio veduta da Volterraio
Portoferraio Bay


Having arrived by ferry you will have realized the beauty of the bay; seeing it from above you will be even more amazed.
Photo 2Photo 3







Spiaggia di Morcone Capoliveri
Spiaggia di Morcone Capoliveri



The piece of coast from Morcone Point to the Gemini islets is very pretty with its small inlets and beaches.








Capo Focardo


Porto Azzurro
Cape Focardo and Porto Azzurro


Located on the extreme point of Cape Focardo is the Fort of the same name, built in 1678 to watch over the entrance to Cala Nuova on one side and Mola Bay on the other, where the town of Porto Azzurro is located.