Elba White Wine DOC Elba Island

Wine Elba White , (Wine DOC Island of Elba)

Elba White DOC is a wine with good shelf life, which can be best enjoyed even in the second year of life, as long as it is kept in the cellar at a constant temperature.

Elba White Doc: a harmonious wine that goes perfectly with the cuisine of the island’s fish , appetizers and delicate soups.

Viticulture in Elba and in Tuscany

The Island of Elba together with other areas of Tuscany boasts very ancient origins in the field of viticulture , which date back to the Roman and even Etruscan periods. A tradition that never stopped until the crisis at the end of the 19th century caused by the spread of phylloxera .

After the Second World War, the progressive development of tourism led to the abandonment of the countryside and vineyards. Thus we went from 5,000 hectares of vineyards in the 19th century to the current 300.