Mortella of Elba

Mortella liqueur with myrtle berries from Elba

Berries of Mirto / Mortella on the island of Elba

The preparation of Mortella of Elba is an artisanal process that requires attention. It takes Elbe myrtle berries, fennel seeds and catmint to have a liqueur very pleasant made with wild products from the Island of Elba.

The resulting product, thanks to its fragrant aroma, is suitable both as a digestive and to accompany desserts.

Grappa dell'Elba - Elban wines

Other typical Elban liqueurs are: Limoncino, Crema di Limonino, and Ciliegino.

Myrtle or Mortella plant

Berries of Mirto Elba island
Myrtle (Mortella) plant from Elba and its blue, purplish berries

Myrtle (Myrtus communis) often also called Mortella, belongs to the Mirtaceae family. It is a typical shrub of the Mediterranean basin. It grows spontaneously on the coasts, in central and southern Italy and on the islands (such as Mortella dell’Elba), especially in dry or stony soils. It has been known and appreciated since ancient times for its beauty and for its multiple culinary and medicinal uses. The leaves are harvested all year round, while the fruits between September and November.