Limoncino of Elba, Liqueurs from Elba, Cherry and Mortella Liqueur

Limoncino dell’Elba, Liqueurs from Elba

Limoncello Liquore fatto con i limoni dell Elba
Limoncello Liqueur made with lemons from Elba

Limoncino of Elba, since ancient times, it was customary to make liqueurs with alcohol and citrus fruits from the S. Andrea area at home. Even today Limonino and Arancino are produced with the same procedures and are the results of infusions based on alcohol, water, sugar and lemon or orange peel.

Limoncino dell'Elba, (Limoncello liquore con scorze di limone)

The resulting products are very valuable and suitable, thanks to their fragrant aroma, both as a digestive and to accompany desserts.

Other typical Elban liqueurs are: Crema di Limonino, Ciliegino and Mortella liqueur.