Wreck of the Nasuto

In the wreck of the Nasuto we find huge amphorae

The wreck of the Nasuto is located at a depth of 63 meters, it is a Roman cargo ship dating back to the years 30-50 AD, close to the date of another shipwreck on the Island of Elba, that of the wreck of Chiessi, in the municipality of Marciana, commonly referred to as 70-80 AD.

in the wreck at Nasuto we find enormous amphorae of two types: a smaller oval, with a diameter of Mouth 37 cm high and 190 cm high, plus the larger globular mouth with a diameter of 52 cm which was loaded on board the ship for the transport of wine, oil and other food products.

For two millennia dolia such as those present in the wreck (the dolium in Latin, is a spherical terracotta container), have attracted the attention of scholars and archaeologists.

Dolia that attract the attention of scholars and archaeologists

The transport of goods by sea was preferably carried out in the summer months, when the cargo ships preferred to make the crossings on the high seas, certainly more direct and faster, while in the months from March to June, they resumed the already reduced navigations following the less risky ones. coastal shipping routes.

In any case, it was undoubtedly necessary to take into account the inevitable dangers and natural conditions due to winds, currents, crossing the straits, dubbing the promontories.

The ship probably came from the Iberian Peninsula. During the excavation campaign at the Nasuto wreck in 2010, in fact, the divers recovered an edge belonging to an amphora of the Beltran Ib type, produced in the Cadiz area in Spain, and intended for the transport of the fish sauce, Il garum , a liquid sauce made from fish entrails, which the Romans used as a condiment for dishes, very popular with all the inhabitants of the Empire.


Where is the wreck of Punta del Nasuto

The wreck is about 250 m from Punta del Nasuto which is half a mile from the Tower of Marciana Marina , also called Tower of the Porto or Tower of the Appiani