Plane Wreck Islander

The wreck is located not far from Porto Azzurro , in the area of ​​Straccoligno, Capoliveri , about 200m south-east from Punta Nera. The small tourist plane lies at a depth of 13m.

The story of the plane wreck

 Current location of the Islander Plane wreck landed in 1980

Islander from Transavio , model BN- 2A ISLANDER registered I-BADE, this is the identity of the plane wreck that we find on the bottom. This is a twin-engine, eight-seater aircraft that landed on June 27, 1980 (the same day as the Ustica disaster). The tourist plane of the Transavio company landed at Punta dei Ripalti, in the stretch of water in front of the former mining area of ​​Capoliveri.

The airplane, which departed from the Island of Elba, arrived in Naples at 4.55 pm, where it embarked two passengers: Mr. Feigusch, (an occasional public transport flight) and then left at 18.30 for the return to the island of Elba ( Marina di Campo ).

The flight proceeded regularly up to the proximity of the island of Giglio, when the pilot felt the malfunction of the right engine and warned the control bodies via radio. After about five minutes the left engine also gave signs of malfunction.
Due to the failure of both engines the pilot was forced to an emergency landing, just over a mile south of Punta Calamita on the Island of Elba.
The pilot and the two passengers wore life jackets and swam safely to the shore of the island, except for a slight frostbite due to prolonged immersion in water, while the aircraft slowly sank into the sea, to a depth of about 90/100 meters.
The three occupants of the aircraft were subsequently rescued by local people.

The Islander was later dragged by fishing nets for about three miles, until it reached its current position. The wreck of the aircraft is still visible and is in a good state of conservation, laying off the island of Elba on a backdrop of poseidonia and sand at a depth of 13m. The plane is slightly reclined on the right wing, the left engine is disconnected and rests on the sand.