The Grottarelle an old granite quarry

Granite column, the ancient quarry of Grottarelle

Although the Pisans worked in this quarry it was probably already in use at the time of the Romans. The materials being used again, something very common in other quarries, never happened here due to there being no access to the quarry, and for some reason, possibly the outbreak of the plague in 1348 that killed a tenth of the population in Elba, work here seems to have come to an end very suddenly, column semi-fabricated.

Granite column, the ancient quarry of Grottarelle

To Grottarelle we find many of the columns and the remains of processing

Granite column, the ancient quarry of Grottarelle

This explains why it is still possible to see in the quarry of the Grottarelle (above the Cavoli beach) the stages of the work done from start to finish: from the cutting of the block up to the unfinished column. Several large blocks that were about to be cut off can still be seen today, and the wedge (“caesura” in Italian, or ” cuniera” as the lora’s call it) explains the work involved: once the holes in a straight line had been made, wedges made of fig wood were pushed i in, then wet until they swelled up and caused the piece to break off. The columns ready for completion werej first put on huge sledges made of black alder wood (“lizze”‘ in Italian) then made to slide down the valley along special tracks (called “vie di lizza’ in ltalian) and finally put on special boats to be transported by sea.

Other attractions in the vicinity of the Grottarelle

Always Grottarelle in the immediate vicinity of the Quarry, we find the Old Mill a sculpture in granite, and >Cappanna of Marco, a hospital pastoral care. The artifact is taken from the closing with a dry-stone wall of a rock formation known technically as (tafone”, originated by the erosion of wind and salty air. The shelter was used by the shepherds and to the equipment necessary for the preparation of cheeses and ricotta.


The ancient Quarry of Grottarelle

Stree View

View 360° of the ancient Quarry of Grottarelle

How to reach the ancient Quarry of Grottarelle

Possiamo raggiungere l’antica Cava delle Grottarelle, partendo da San Piero, seguendo il percorso delle vie del granito, la distanza è di circa 3 km tempo di percorrenza poco meno di un’ora. Un altro modo è percorrendo una strada secondaria sopra la spiaggia di Cavoli e parcheggiando in modo scomodo sul bordo starda, nella vicinanza della Nave, antica scultura in granito sempre nell’area archeologica della zona. La distanza in quest’altro modo è poco più di 1 km , tempo di percorrenza 30 minuti circa

Posizione Cava delle Grottarelle